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At Adroit, we tailor insurance products to fit you and your needs.

Adroit Benefits


We spend time with you in your world, immersing ourselves so we can understand your unique needs to deliver honest expert risk advice.


We combine the insights we gain with our industry knowledge and experience to tailor solutions and advise specifically for you.


We are available 24/7 and work with agility and care, providing a fully managed claims service committed to delivering the best possible outcome.


We partner with you, champion your cause and ensure you and your business are truly ready to take on tomorrow.



Insurance is not compulsory..

January 16, 2020

That’s right, insurance is not compulsory – well aside from statutory covers such as compulsory third party, workers compensation etc.  you don’t have to buy insurance. You don’t have to insure your house, your business, your cars, your legal liability.  So why do you? You do it for peace of mind. So if you’re going to be spending… Read more


The top 5 business insurance questions answered…

December 18, 2019

When should you think about your insurance? 59% of business owners have a standard review of their insurance each year. 37% of business owners would think about reviewing their insurance if they experienced an insurance changes or events. 26% of business owners think about reviewing their insurance when making business changes 16% of business owners… Read more


Is the Insurance you are buying right for you?

December 6, 2019

So, you’ve just bought or renewed your insurance policy and by doing so, you have peace of mind that in the very unfortunate event of a loss, you will be fully covered. Right? Well, maybe. Before you settle in for the next 12 months consider this: Do you understand the policy, the conditions, the additional benefits, and more… Read more