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What role can Brokers play in preparing their Clients for Bushfire Season?

Parts of Australia are currently dealing with one of the most crippling droughts in our country’s history. With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a hot and dry summer, the potential for a catastrophic bushfire season has never been stronger.   Insurance Brokers have a role to play in helping to ensure their clients are as… Read more

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What is Claims Management Cover?

Safety in the workplace is a major concern in Australia.   According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we recorded more than 560,000 injuries or illnesses in the previous financial year. The most recent data released by Safe Work Australia suggests the total cost of workplace injuries and illness to be approximately $A30 billion per… Read more

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Royal Commission Update: How Service is Better with an Insurance Broker

The revelations uncovered in the Hayne Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry are causing significant upheaval across the sector. While the initial exposés shone a light on some questionable practices in the banking sector, the latter part of the inquiry has focused on the insurance industry, highlighting the sometimes… Read more

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The benefits of consolidating your super

If you’ve had a few jobs over the years, it’s possible that you’ve got a few different super funds with small balances in each. It’s easy to forget all about them until the annual statements arrive, but the sudden influx of paperwork can often leave you feeling dazed and confused.   The Australian Securities and… Read more

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Four things to remember when choosing a beneficiary

Choosing a beneficiary is usually a simple task, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when you decide.     A beneficiary is the person who will receive your life insurance payment should you pass away. When choosing yours, it’s important to think about who would be most financially vulnerable without you… Read more

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Cyber risk: the 24/7 danger

  In today’s wired world, no entity is immune to cyber-attacks – it is a 24/7 danger that can come from anywhere. SMEs are every bit as exposed – if not more so – to cyber dangers as their larger business counterparts.   Generally speaking, smaller businesses are more vulnerable to online attacks from anonymous… Read more

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The unseen cost of underinsurance

If you add up all your business assets, how much is your business worth? Not how much it’s insured for, but how much it is actually worth. It’s one of the most important question we ask new clients, because when it comes to valuing assets, the temptation to undervalue often presents itself. As one client explained… Read more

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Business interruption cover: why your company needs it

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider the number of things that could bring your business to a shuddering halt?   It could be anything – from a fire on your premises to a flood. It might even be something that actually happens to someone else but still affects your business. Without going… Read more

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What is critical illness cover

What is Critical Illness cover? Critical Illness cover provides a lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with a life-changing or terminal disease.i It is then up to you to choose how you use this payment – to cover medical expenses, the cost of being unable to work, or to pay your household bills.   Why is… Read more

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Recovering from a liquidity crunch

Let’s face it, cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, big or small. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling goods or services, your business exists to bring more money in than it pays out. The biggest threat to a well-run business is bad debts. You can have the most meticulous, disciplined credit management procedures in… Read more